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Tell Descarado Wines about your favorite vineyard and wine tasting experience!

Missy and I have been blessed to have visited great vineyards around the world. We've explored the terrific wines of Croatia, Spain, Maiorca, Chile, NAPA, Germany and Texas. The joy of a wine tasting experience is the time spent with great friends while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

In the recent years, our stop at a vineyard in Croatia left an indeliable impression on both of us. The vineyard had vines over 200 years old. The vineyard was not irrigated and the grapes depended on mother nature for water and nutrition. The Plavic grape was grown in the vineyard. The wines we tasted were fantastic. Our friends the Ruckers and Clarks enjoyed the experience with us. The stop at the vineyard was a "spur of the moment" addition to our trip yet it became one of the highlights. The vineyard owners endured the rule of the Soviet Union by adhering to state mandated formulas while secretly making special blends for the family. The whole experience was fascinating!

Tell us about your recent visits - we would love to share the experiences of all our friends and neighbors!

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