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Indian Paintbrush Blended Red Rose Wine

Indian Paintbrush Blended Red Rose Wine

Texas legend holds that a Native American maiden fell in love with a prisoner. The maiden eventually escaped with her lover. After many months, the maiden missed her family so she wanted to return to her tribe. However, the maiden learned she would be punished if she returned. Instead of going home, the maiden used her own blood to draw a picture of her family on a piece of bark. Some of her blood dropped on the ground giving birth to the flowers we now know as paintbrushes. Descarado Wines honors our Texas history by hand crafting our wines to capture the brazen and brash culture of our great state.


This Rose is a blend of Carmenere and Lenoir Rose wines.  The Carmenere grapes add body, color and reduce the tartness of the Lenoir grapes.  A refreshing summer wine.  We are proud to add this new blend to our inventory.  Served chilled and enjoy!

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